Which rack to choose? BOX or MULTIBOX?
Which rack to choose? BOX or MULTIBOX?

Which frame to choose? BOX or MULTIBOX?

When browsing through our store's offerings, many customers wonder which frame will be perfect for them.

Is it better to choose a BOX with 48 slats? Is it better to choose a MULTIBOX with 50 slats?

In this article we will point out the important differences, because the key aspect here is not the number of slats but the lifting system!




The first noticeable difference that strikes the eye is the increased number of slats. In the case of double frames of the BOX series (dimensions from 120x200 to 200x200), the number of birch slats is 48 pieces, and the distance between them is +- 25-30mm, which works well for most mattresses available on the market. The MULTIBOX system has 2 more slats, or 50 pieces, and the distance between them is +- 20-25mm. As you can see, the difference is not too big, so choosing both the most popular BOX system and the MULTIBOX system is as correct as possible.




The most key difference with these frames is therefore not the number of slats but the lifting system. Both systems work perfectly for both wooden (furniture board) and upholstered chests. Let's start by comparing the mechanisms to see the significant differences.

The first is the ST Lift from the BOX system:

The second of these is the MULTIBOX Lift:


What are the differences between the mechanisms?

In addition to significant differences in dimensions, hole spacing or number of holes, pay attention to the projection FROM THE TOP of the mechanism.

The MULTIBOX lift has bends that move the frame away from the bed frame. This works perfectly in upholstered beds so that the frame does not rub against the fabric. Hence, for frames in the MULTIBOX series, we need to make a larger box inside to accommodate the entire frame along with the mechanism


Does this exclude the BOX system when used in upholstered beds?
Of course not, because we have to use some small washers between the ST mechanism and the bed frame anyway due to the protruding rivets (visible in the picture above).


So which frame will ultimately be better?
It all depends on how you will make the bed and your individual requirements. The most popular and most used by our customers is the BOX system on the ST mechanism. For it, too, we have created a short article with tips HOW TO DESIGN A BOX


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